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security technology


Dedicated to pioneering technology in the security industry
through innovation and strong partnerships.

Our Mission

“At Blacklight Group, we are dedicated to pioneering the future of security technology by providing only the most unique and industry changing solutions. Our mission is to empower businesses and organizations to embrace cutting-edge technology though our partner network locally and globally  while optimizing their business operations.”

Enabling Sustainability

We believe in a brighter, greener technology centric future for Africa. Our mission is to make energy and advanced technology accessible to all business, fostering a sustainable and environmentally responsible business world.

Empowering Innovation

We drive technological advancement scouring the world for the latest technology which, accelerates growth and enhances our partners and inturn their clients security, The risk environment  is a ever-evolving landscape so being ahead of the criminal element is key.

Delivering Excellence

We are dedicated to excellence in every aspect of our business, from customer service to product quality. Our commitment to quality ensures that our clients receive the highest level of service.

Navigating Complexity

In the complex world of ever evolving risk, we provide clarity and expertise. In product and risk and aid our dealers and their clients in building and deploying the latest technology to manage their risk.

Building Partnerships

We understand that success is built on collaboration. We forge lasting partnerships with our clients, suppliers, and dealers, fostering trust and mutual growth.

About Us

As a fully integrated Services Company  with a multifaceted approach to partnership and investment Blacklight Group founded in 2015 has 7 interconnected but dependant divisions

Each entity  operates  and manage their respective portfolios and brands. However simultaneously integrate services with our clients from project concept through to project completion with our  partners  

ITACC Finance

The core business of ITACC is to build a portfolio of diversified assets on Rental Contracts predominantly aimed at small to medium sized corporate and businesses in South Africa

ITACC – Finance


Reconeyez South Africa acts as the regional support and exclusive brand owner of Reconeyez in SADEC region with its primary drive to support the Reconeyez dealer network in Sales and support.

Reconeyez South Africa # (


Idter Global (Pty)Ltd acts as the brand owner for the UK, Australia and SADEC region with exclusive distribution agreements for these regions. IG acts as regional support and brand owner of Idter with primary drive to support the dealer network in Sales and support to meet exclusivity box targets

iDter • Immediate Deterrence by Niō

BL Fence

Blacklight Fencing is a (Pty)Ltd which was founded outside of the original group to source and supply mesh fencing and electrical fence solutions to the South African and African markets with its national installation partner network.

Black Light Fencing (

Security Radar

Hakari Security Radar (Pty)Ltd was established in 2018 to distribute OWL Radar systems to the African market space. This portfolio has grown to include a myriad of other speciality products for the Ever changing security and Risk environment in Africa

Security Radar | Specialist Security Systems

Thermal cameras Was established as a web only entity in 2020 but has evolved to owning exclusive rights of various thermal camera products and peripherals for the dealer network in South Africa and Africa with direct marketing and dealer only sales with brand management of specifically chosen brands including service and support locally for the dealers| Specialist Security Systems (

Megalodon Rapid Deployment Systems (Pty)Ltd (MRDS) Megalodon Rapid Deployment Systems LLC US Operations

Founded in 2023 as a high quality security trailer and static Sentinel manufacturer supplying products for Export to the US market space with main distribution channels in Texas and Florida Respectively. This manufacture and assembly  is done in South Africa  and USA  around 20% of the manufactured products go to the SA market however the business primary market and services are for export only.

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